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DOMAINSDistributed Open Management Architecture in Networked Systems
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Thus it was he learned the law, and ere he left the domain of the chickens, he had learned to ignore their existence.
Within seven days after leaving the domain of He-mim-el-pilp, they struck the Columbia River at Fort Wallah-Wallah, where they arrived on the 4th of March, 1834.
Fighting similar to that which surrounded us could be heard in both directions as far as sound carried, and Thuvia told me that the attacks of the black pirates were usually made simultaneously along the entire ribbon-like domain of the therns, which circles the Valley Dor on the outer slopes of the Mountains of Otz.
The domain of Bracieux, chateaux, forests, plowed lands, forming three farms.
For they had no doubt at all that they would be able to destroy Ozma's domain.
Then the black girl told him that she too was in the power of the Fairy, who had doomed her to wander about in her present guise until some youth should take pity on her and bear her in safety to the other side of the river which they saw in the distance, and on the other side of which the Fairy's domain and power ended.
He no longer doubted the almost supernatural powers of the Angel of Music, in this domain of the Opera in which he had set up his empire.
Putting this, however, aside, for it is a puzzling question for which it is difficult to find a solution, let us return to the superiority of arms over letters, a matter still undecided, so many are the arguments put forward on each side; for besides those I have mentioned, letters say that without them arms cannot maintain themselves, for war, too, has its laws and is governed by them, and laws belong to the domain of letters and men of letters.
His life, in which so much that was good was mixed, with so much that was bad, lighted up the whole domain of egotism with its glare, and made one feel how near the best and the worst were to each other, and how they sometimes touched without absolute division in texture and color.
Here are no heights of truth overlooking the confused landscape of that dubitable domain.
Domains of activity that were used to describe the 10 areas of services provided for students as measured by the survey instrument were: (a) programs and services for students, (b) emphasis of minorities and women, (c) quality of research and teaching, (d) dissemination of research and knowledge, (e) workshops and counseling to broaden access, (f) athletics, (g) support of cultural activities, (h) availability of graduate programs, (I) leasing of facilities, and (j) increase of standards.
Great Domains has a valuation guideline posted on its Web site that gives domain-name owners an indication of the value of the name they own.