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DMMDammam (Saudi Arabia)
DMMDynamic Memory Management
DMMDurham Mining Museum (UK)
DMMDivisional Merchandise Manager (various companies)
DMMDuo Decimal Modem Module
DMMDual Mica Module
DMMDiamond Multi Media
DMMDirect Metal Mastering
DMMData Migration Manager
DMMDigital Media Manager
DMMDirected Mobile Media
DMMDigital Multi Meter
DMMDeath Match Maker
DMMData Mobility Manager
DMMDeep Mixing Method (construction)
DMMDisaster Management and Mitigation (civil engineering; India)
DMMDirección Municipal de la Mujer (Spanish: Municipal Office of Women; Guatemala)
DMMDesignated Market Maker (investing)
DMMData Management Module
DMMDynasty Metals & Mining, Inc. (Canada)
DMMDemand Management Measure (water demand; California)
DMMDisaster Mitigation and Management
DMMDigital Morphology Museum (Primate Research Institute; Kyoto University; Japan)
DMMDisaster Management Metamodel (various organizations)
DMMDirect Media Marketing
DMMDirector of Materiel Management
DMMDesign E Marketing de Moda (Portuguese: Design and Fashion Marketing)
DMMDe Maakbare Mens (Dutch: The Artificial Human)
DMMDose Minimale Mortelle (French: Low Lethal Dose)
DMMDimanche Missionnaire Mondial (French: World Mission Sunday; Canada)
DMMDistrict Merchandise Manager
DMMDeluxe Memory Man (Guitar Effect Pedal)
DMMDirect Metal Master
DMMDepartamento de Material Móvil (Guatemalan special task force)
DMMDiversity Maturity Model (Lockheed Martin)
DMMDesign Methodology Manager
DMMDepartment of Museums Malaysia (est. 1993)
DMMDistribution Multimédia (French: Multimedia Distribution)
DMMDigital Music Manager
DMMDomain Management Module
DMMDivision Marketing Manager
DMMDelay Modulation Mark
DMMDigital Multi-Meter
DMMDansville and Mount Morris Railroad Company
DMMDiscrete Mode-Matching
DMMDense Matrix Multiplication
DMMDual MICA Module (Cisco)
DMMDigital Molecular Matter
DMMDrink More Milk
DMMDirect Model Manipulation
DMMDelta Music Makers
DMMDigitalnej Mape Mesta
DMMDomestic Mail Manual
DMMDiscarded Military Munition
DMMDigital Media Movement
DMMDirect Material Margin
DMMDiagonal Moment Matrix
DMMDés, Monstres et Merveilles (French: Dice, Monsters and Marvels; online gaming)
DMMDivision Material Management
DMMDynamic Machine Management
DMMDana Mitra Maluku Foundation (Ambon, Indonesia)
DMMDance Music Magazine
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The US Postal Service has put its new 1999 Domestic Mail Manual 54 online.
The United States Postal Service should be ashamed of itself for its utter inability to communicate, starting with the Domestic Mail Manual. Some mailers have said the organization's arrogance - and that of Postmaster General Marvin Runyon - make Ross Perot seem like a flower child.
A Section 501(c)(3) can obtain a special mailing permit for its second- and/or third-class mailings by showing the Postal Service that it meets one of the definitions contained in the Domestic Mail Manual. The regulations for a special-rate permit are identical to IRS regulations that define 501(c)(3) organizations.
It is wise to keep these and other automation characteristics outlined in the USPS Domestic Mail Manual in mind when designing a package - even if postage discounts are not a factor.
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