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DMDDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy
DMDDoctor of Dental Medicine
DMDDigital Micromirror Device (Texas Instruments)
DMDDisability Mentoring Day
DMDDisaster Management Department (various organizations)
DMDDeputy Medical Director (various organizations)
DMDDirect Metal Deposition (manufacturing technology)
DMDDystrophie Musculaire de Duchenne (French: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy)
DMDData and Music Drive
DMDDigital Micromirror Device
DMDDifferential Mode Delay
DMDDigital Music Download
DMDDigital Multilayer Disk
DMDDélégation Militaire Départementale (French: Military Departmental Delegation)
DMDDielectric Metal Dielectric (heat reflector)
DMDDiscrete Molecular Dynamics (chemical physics)
DMDDirectory Management Domain
DMDDrug Metabolism and Disposition
DMDDisease Modifying Drug
DMDDigital Mirror Device
DMDDifferential Mode Delay (multimode optical fiber)
DMDDevelopment Management Document (UK)
DMDDeputy Managing Director (International Monetary Fund)
DMDDigital Media Division (various organizations)
DMDDelta Mu Delta (Honor Society in Business Administration)
DMDDot Matrix Display
DMDDesmethyldiazepam (drug)
DMDDoctor of Medical Dentistry
DMDDeformable Mirror Device
DMDDidier Morain Distribution (French pet supply company)
DMDDance My Dunce
DMDDystonia Musculorum Deformans
DMDDigital Mars D Compiler
DMDDiet Mountain Dew (PepsiCo)
DMDData Monitor and Display
DMDData Management Division
DMDDiscontinuous Molecular Dynamics
DMDDiscover Mongolia & Development (travel agency)
DMDDigital Music Distributor
DMDDistance Measuring Device
DMDDifferential Metabolic Display
DMDDigital Multilayer Disc
DMDDigital Message Device
DMDDynamic Mobile Data
DMDDoctorants en Mathématiques à Dijon (French: Doctoral Students in Mathematics in Dijon; Dijon, France)
DMDDelta Marketing Dynamics
DMDDomestic Manufacturing Deduction (US Taxes)
DMDDifferential Modulation Diversity
DMDDomain Management Device
DMDDepartment of Mission and Development
DMDDance Monkey, Dance (Internet slang)
DMDDental/Medical Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (former stock symbol; now delisted)
DMDData Mapping Document
DMDDentariae Medicinae Doctoris (Doctor of Dental Medicine)
DMDDelivery Mode Detail (Canada Post)
DMDDual Mode Display
DMDDeployment Manning Document
DMDDigital Map Display
DMDData Message Device
DMDDubai Municipality Datum
DMDData Measurement Device
DMDDowntown Management Districts
DMDDuty Mission Director
DMDDevices Management Directorate
DMDDual Multiplexer Demultiplexer
DMDDispersion Management Devices (Lasercomm)
DMDDiphenyl-Methane Diisocyanate
DMDDivision of Medical Device (National Institute of Health Sciences; Japan)
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Phase out and repeal the domestic manufacturing deduction (Section 199);
which called for a repeal of 1099 but was paid for with a number of tax provisions, among them a repeal of the Section 199 domestic manufacturing deduction for oil and gas production and changes to the foreign tax credit rules applicable to dual capacity taxpayers and the rules relating to foreign oil and gas income.
The domestic manufacturing deduction under IRC [section] 199 became fully phased in for tax years beginning in 2010, at 9% of income from qualified production activities.
1% in the prior year quarter primarily due to an increased domestic manufacturing deduction.
The five big companies targeted by the bill--Chevron, BE ExxonMobil, Shell and ConocoPhillips--produce and refine oil and sell gasoline in the United States, and therefore under the bill would lose the domestic manufacturing deduction they received as part of a corporate tax law in 2004.
Sessions are scheduled on the lessons learned from the new domestic manufacturing deduction, trends in FIN 48 disclosures, repatriations from Canadian corporations, OECD developments, FIN 48 issues relating to state and local taxes, and negotiation techniques," he said, adding that the complete program will be posted on TEI's website in August.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in October issued proposed regulations on the new domestic manufacturing deduction under tax code Section 199.
199, enacted to replace the phase out of the extraterritorial income regime (ETI), and the centerpiece of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, permits taxpayers to claim a domestic manufacturing deduction (DMD) from taxable income attributable to certain domestic production activities.
The centrepiece of the American Jobs Creation Act is the repeal of the extra-territorial income (ETI) exclusion, which had been ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization, and the replacement of ETI with a 9% domestic manufacturing deduction for a range of (broadly defined) domestic production activities.
The focus of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 is the repeal of the Extraterritorial Income Exclusion (ETI) and the replacement of ETI with the domestic manufacturing deduction.
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