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DOMINDurée Minimale d'Utilisation (French: Minimum Duration of Use)
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After a few minutes Domin gave me an elevation adjustment in mils.
Worse, the decision to the stage the play as a comedy of high silliness (Domin standing atop a trolley pushed by a robot as he dictates a letter, Domin and Helena doing a tango when their conversation takes an intimate turn, the theme song of Titanic playing as the couple imagine making their escape by boat), the characters given outsize, farcical dimensions, tells us that all this cogitating isn't to be taken seriously.
Helena's chief concern is with the welfare of robots, so she is shocked when Domin refers to "Robot Palsy," a "flaw in production" that causes the more advanced machines to stop working and start breaking things.
By and by, the managers leave, and Domin wastes no time asking for Helena's hand in marriage.
To domin ate is to have power and control over as if being someone's master.
The book ends with a tantalizing sketch by Ariane Huml of a far-reaching research project on German Jewish women writers from Hilde Domin to Gila Lustiger.
Smarty Jones could have become something special after winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness and coming within a length of the Triple Crown in the Belmont, could have been not only a domin ating runner but the rare star 3-year-old to race on as an older horse.
Vance Award for his paper, "Reexamination of the Line Between Governmental Exercise of Police Power and Eminent Domin," published as National Cooperative Highway Research Program Legal Research Digest No.
He and Domin, King says, had talked about doing such a book ever since their postgraduate days at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where King received his architecture degree; they finally decided to get serious about it in 1996.
We are hardly a threat to them," said Hank Domin, the new editor in chief of the student-run weekly.