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DSLDigital Subscriber Line (Internet)
DSLDomain Specific Language
DSLDésolé (French: sorry)
DSLDictionary of the Scots Language
DSLDamn Small Linux
DSLDigital Subscriber Loop (less common)
DSLDivision of State Lands (US Army Corps of Engineers)
DSLDigital Signal Level
DSLDivision of Student Life (various schools)
DSLDefinitive Software Library
DSLDeep Scattering Layer
DSLDigital Subscriber Loop
DSLDialog Specification Language
DSLDictionary Specification Language
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DSLDigital Service Line
DSLDepartment of Student Life (various schools)
DSLDesign Science License
DSLDéveloppement Social Local (French: Local Social Development)
DSLDistribution Services Limited (Demerara Distillers Limited)
DSLDistrict de Services Locaux (French: Local Service District; Canada)
DSLDomestic Substance List
DSLDirect Subscriber Line
DSLDelta Service Location (France)
DSLDeaf Sign Language
DSLDon't Stay Long
DSLAhava Dead Sea Laboratories (Israel)
DSLDeep Submergence Laboratory (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
DSLDirect Satellite Link
DSLDowney Savings & Loan (California)
DSLDictionary Specification Language (ABBYY Software House)
DSLDigital System Laboratory (Thailand)
DSLDirect Strike Lightning
DSLDynamic Simulation Language
DSLDenver & Salt Lake (Railroad)
DSLDupré Sports Loisirs (French sports leisure organization)
DSLDeutsche Siedlungs- und Landesrentenbank
DSLDistributed Service Logic
DSLDistributed Simulation Laboratory
DSLDialogue Scripting Language
DSLDéveloppements Services Logistiques (France: Developments Logistics Services)
DSLDigital Spectralog
DSLDown Stage Left
DSLDisplay Switch Locator (SL) Routing (US DoD)
DSLDigital-system Specification Language
DSLData Set Label
DSLDistal Sesamoidean Ligament (horses)
DSLDynamic Super Linear Bass
DSLDoctor of Strategic Leadership
DSLDocument Summary List
DSLDecision Support Language
DSLDefence Science Laboratory (India)
DSLDeposito Sin Libreta (Spanish: No Deposit Book)
DSLDisability Sick Leave
DSLData Structure Language
DSLDown Shop Lead (EOT crane power source)
DSLData Set Language
DSLDemonstrated Senior Logistician
DSLData Simulation Language
DSLDrumsynth Live (fruityloops studio generator plugin)
DSLDrawing and Specification Listing
DSLDigital Signature Layer (email encryption)
DSLDepot Supply Level
DSLDental System Light
DSLDumb Stupid Loser
DSLDog Leg Severity (oil industry, drilling)
DSLDesignated Substance List (Canada)
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They don't stay long in retail, it's a tough business, but I am pleased with their performance.
Surveys show that consumers who buy from you on price leave for the same reason, and many times don't stay long enough for your agency to earn a profit from their business.
You don't get your first choice; you don't get your second choice; you get your third choice, fourth choice, and sometimes your fifth choice--and they don't stay long," said Chief Judge Perry, noting as an example that in the 11th Circuit, nine staff attorneys left for better paying positions with other government agencies in the past 18 months.
But today many owners don't stay long in the same house or mortgage, and title insurance becomes an expensive recurring closing cost.
In most sports, players don't stay long enough to earn the kind of money that sets them for life.
The climate is such that churches don't stay long," he said, adding that, "Iqaluit has exploded in population and the church has to respond to that.
And they don't stay long enough to realize that we carry some of those artists.
It's almost redundant to be in a lesbian bar here in queer-friendly Provincetown, not like the much-needed comfort we feel when we stop in at our Kansas City ladies' club, so we don't stay long.
Don't stay long as someone is asleep in their chicken and sweetcorn soup in minutes.
We do no harm and don't stay long due to the changing tidesI went to see their agent last year in Liverpool about the freedom of the walkway and he told me that the water-tower or the machine-tower was unsafe.
Unlike golf tournaments visitors don't stay long enough in the area to give local businesses a boost.
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