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DWTHDynamische Wirbelsäulen-Therapie (Dynamic therapy of the spinal column)
DWTHDeferred Write Threshold
DWTHDisaster Waiting To Happen
DWTHDon't Work Too Hard
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Don't work too hard; just do what you've been doing.
I am not interested in a streamlined and beautiful order that doesn't welcome my son, that tells my son, "Don't work too hard at the extremely strenuous and inconvenient task of learning to walk in that walker because this federal courthouse, because this blessed Constitution and Bill of Rights, because this system of democracy, is kind of for you and kind of isn't, because fully including you is impractical and takes up too much room."
Whereas Da Mayor counsels Mookie to "always try to do the right thing" - a conception of "good" akin to Radio Raheem's in its obliviousness to the moral coercion effected by a racist capitalism - Mother Sister warns Mookie, "Don't work too hard today, we can't have you dropping off in this heat" - an enunciation of defiant self-interest over involvement in the work ethic which Da Mayor advocates.
She worries about my health, that I don't work too hard, I mustn't get tired, that I have a clean shirt and wash my hands.
Anyway, have a good weekend whatever you decide to do, and don't work too hard during the week.
By the end of it, I'll have my fourth Guinness Book of World Records entry, this time for the most dates played in a year." Don't work too hard now, James!
Tony, who today lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, Tracy, adds: "I've always said 'Don't work too hard with Hustle - get a cup of tea and put your feet up'.
"I admire their work ethic - all I have to do is try to make sure they don't work too hard now and end up in three or four weeks' time in the heat of Pakistan all burnt out
She just wanted a bit of fun before focusing on her debut album." Don't work too hard, girl.
TRANMERE manager Ronnie Moore is offering a piece of advice to Chris Greenacre that might be music to the ears of many strikers - don't work too hard!
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