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DWTHDynamische Wirbelsäulen-Therapie (Dynamic therapy of the spinal column)
DWTHDeferred Write Threshold
DWTHDisaster Waiting To Happen
DWTHDon't Work Too Hard
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His boss noticed his behavior and said, "Joe, don't work too hard," meaning: "You're a real slacker
Normally, I'm really careful about taking care of the dancers, making sure they don't work too hard so they can last through a 12- to 14-hour shoot.
She worries about my health, that I don't work too hard, I mustn't get tired, that I have a clean shirt and wash my hands.
Anyway, have a good weekend whatever you decide to do, and don't work too hard during the week.
I admire their work ethic - all I have to do is try to make sure they don't work too hard now and end up in three or four weeks' time in the heat of Pakistan all burnt out
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