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DYKDon't You Know
DYKDid You Know?
DYKDongfeng Yueda Kia
DYKDongfeng Yueda Kia Motors Co., Ltd. (China; car manufacturers)
References in classic literature ?
I don't think my temperament's quite suited to the law, don't you know, and if he ever hears that I wrote you that letter I have a notion that the governor will think so too.
Don't you know it's a terrible wicked thing not to say your prayers every night?
And don't you know," said the Sheik of the Outfit, "that caravans will then stop here for rest and refreshments, giving you a chance to steal the camels, the horses, and the goods?
Don't you know that your uncle and I only want your good?
Don't you know that if you go on like that, you will grow into a perfect donkey and that you'll be the laughingstock of everyone?
Sometimes she was at her fort, issuing commands; sometimes she was careering over the plain at the head of her men; sometimes she was training her horse; once she said, reprovingly, "You are giving me the wrong foot; give me the left - don't you know it is good-bye?
Don't you know what it is to feel a buzz, buzz, buzzing inside?