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We are thrilled that the F has employed our WindTracer Doppler lidars to achieve these critical improvements to U.
All fiber coherent doppler lidar for space craft safe landing," in Proceedings of the International Conference on Optoelectronics and Microelectronics (ICOM '12), pp.
The company said these two Terminal Doppler Lidar systems are capable of detecting nearby low-level wind shear and turbulence during non-precipitation conditions.
2], fluorescent lidars, which are called FLIDAR (Fluorescence Lidar), operating at a very wide application spectrum and coherent lidars, also referred to as Doppler lidars, which are used for wind speed measurement.
The procured Doppler LIDAR measurement systems should at the planned test field location synchronized to operate in the form of a so-called "virtual masts".
Avoiding the limitations of fixed meteorological towers, Doppler lidar, radar, and sodar sensing systems have assessed wind turbine inflow and wakes (Kasler et al.
Contract notice: Location Of A Doppler Lidar Scanning For Expriementation Nice, 2016
In an Australian first, a mobile pulsed Doppler lidar was deployed for the 2013/14 field campaign and a mobile polarimetric X-band radar (UQ-XPOL) was operated for the 2014/15 campaign (Fig.
Contract notice: Renting a doppler lidar scanning for experimentation nice in 2016.
The provision of this observation ability may take the form of a data purchase, lease with option to purchase or acquire a Doppler lidar scanning at long range.
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