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At low doppler rate, it is realized that the proposed PDASP MIMO RLS algorithm converges about 35 iterations with the addition of [T.sub.f] = 41 [micro]s at each iteration but still utilizes 95.83% and 82.29% lesser processing time than the sequential Kalman and MIMO RLS algorithms, respectively.
Likewise, the proposed technique utilizes 95.83% and 82.29% lesser processing time than the sequential Kalman and MIMO RLS algorithms, respectively, for low doppler rate. Likewise, for high doppler rate, the proposed technique entails 94.12% and 77.28% decreased processing than sequentially operated Kalman and MIMO RLS algorithms, respectively.
Doppler rate MIMO RLS MSE MIMO RLS convergence processing time, [P.sub.RLS] [f.sub.D]T = [10.sup.-6] 25 iterations 0.0096373 sec [f.sub.D]T = [10.sup.-3] 30 iterations 0.0107447 sec Doppler rate Proposed PDASP Proposed PDASP MIMO RLS RLS processing convergence time, [P.sub.PDASP] at [T.sub.f] = 41 [micro]sec [f.sub.D]T = [10.sup.-6] 35 iterations 0.0016825 sec [f.sub.D]T = [10.sup.-3] 50 iterations 0.0024410 sec Doppler rate % improvement in decreased processing time.
When the Doppler rate [f.sub.d][T.sub.s] is available at the receiver, the AR parameters [{[a.sub.i]}.sub.i=1,2, ..., p] can be computed by solving the so-called Yule-Walker (YW) equations.
Furthermore, we investigate the effect of the number of pilot symbols [N.sub.p] and Doppler rate [f.sub.d][T.sub.s] on the BER performance.
where R(t; [r.sub.0], [x.sub.0]) is the target-to-satellite distance, [s.sub.fdr] = sign([f.sub.dr]), [f.sub.dr] is the Doppler rate and sign(-) stands for signum function, t is the slow time, [r.sub.0] is the closest approach of the target, [x.sub.0] is the azimuth coordinate of target, v([r.sub.0], [x.sub.0]) is effective velocity, c is the velocity of light, a([r.sub.0], [x.sub.0]) and b([r.sub.0], [x.sub.0]) are cubic and quartic order components of slant range respectively.
The combined channel emulator and reverberation chamber system enables flexibility in creating static or dynamic PDPs, use of much higher Doppler rates, and programmable down-link fading correlation.
Azimuth antenna-beam is steered with the same direction as sliding spotlight and spotlight modes, while the antenna sweep rate [k.sub.[omega]] is larger than Doppler rate [k.sub.r], which is the particular characteristic of inverse TOPS mode.
In addition, the residual Doppler rate will result in the image
Fortunately, the variation of the Doppler rate is normally small, especially for spaceborne platform with extreme high velocity, then the main energy of the moving target will still be assumed to distribute within a single resolution cell.