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DORDDepartment of Rural Development (various nations)
DORDDepartment Of Redundancy Department (Firesign Theatre)
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For a discussion of the social construction of race and the resulting "exteriorization," see Anne Dord, "Transnational communities: Japanese of the Fraser Valley, 1904-1942," BC Studies, 134 (Summer 2002), 35-70, especially 35-39.
Ajax - Tervoort, Suurbier, Krol, Hulshoff, van Dord, Lamain, Zuidema, Gluic, Tahamata, Geels, Lerby.
French artist Gustave Dord (1832-1883) produced masterly woodcuts and photolike drawings, used for illustrations in such works as the Bible, Dante's Inferno, and Poe's The Raven.
Now the environmental group Lanceforth is appealing that decision to An Dord Pnelnana.