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1) Se puede confiar en la mayoria de las personas, (2) Uno nunca es lo suficientemente cuida doso en el trato con los demas, (0) NS/NR.
Aumenta la rotacion en el empleo--los jovenes se mantienen no mas de doso tres anos en sus puestos de trabajo--, la especializacion laboral se expande y cada uno mide sus avances comparandose dentro de su propio campo de accion: es menos entusiasmante que antes una negociacion colectiva donde lo comun es apenas poco mas que el bono de fin de conflicto.
While we are sorry that Kevin has felt unable to take on a new role within the organisation, we fully understand and respect his reasons for not wanting to doso," said Blyth.
We're a work in progress,and hopefully we'll learnfrom the things we didn't doso well.
This competition over access to and control over tracts of water is not only a postcolonial preoccupation: the Gogodala were involved in inter and intra village conflicts as well as those with neighbouring language groups like the Kamula, Doso, and Dibiyaso before the presence of the colonial administration in the province in the early 1900s.
The club's members are predominantly girls, and those who wish to compete in local competitions are encouraged to doso.
Benitez had hoped to bring in ACMilan defender Kahka Kaladze in a pounds 4m deal in the January transfer window, but believes delays in being given the go-ahead to doso means he will miss out on the 29-year-old Georgian, who would have strengthened Liverpool's defensive choices.
Kumarila takes great pains to provide a detailed refutation of the allegation of adharma in these instances and gives the following four rationales or strategies for explaining the problems away; "There is no sin in these cases because 1) there is only an appearance of similarity to the sruti [rule]; 2) the prohibition [applies only] to humans; 3) their divine energy is so powerful; or 4) one should interpret these in such a way that there is actually no contradiction" (srutisamanyamatrad va na doso 'tra bhavisyati manusyapratisedhd vd tejobalavasena va | yatha va na viruddhatvam tatha tad gama-yisyati).
8) Hace treinta anos Octavio Paz ya senalaba lo nove doso de esta ruptura con la tradicion como diferente a todas las rupturas anteriores: <<Se entiende por tradicion la transmision de una generacion a otra de noticias, leyendas, historias, creencias, costumbres, formas literarias y artisticas, ideas estilos; por tanto, cualquier interrupcion en la trasmision equivale a quebrantar la tradicion.
After replying that her "honored mother" named her Doso, Demeter tells a "Cretan tale" and asks whether she can find a job as a nurse.
IT is one of the most traumatic, exhilarating - not to mention painful - things a woman can doSo why would anyone choose to go through the experience of childbirth again and again and again?