DotVDance of the Vampires (musical)
DotVDisciple of the Vault
DotVDragon of the Valkyr (small-press comic book series)
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As DOTV delegates reveal in this illuminating roundtable discussion, the inspiration they drew from each other and the women parliamentarians they met on the journey to Ottawa and during their week in the capital will have far-reaching effects as they share what they've learned with their communities and apply it in their own future endeavours.
Brielle Beardy was the DOTV delegate for Chnrchill-Keewatinook Aski.
Equal Voice's Executive Director Nancy Peckford and former MP Eleni Bakopanos, vice-president of the Quebec chapter, offered a recap of DOTV event and provided an honest analysis of the many positives (increased awareness, lasting networking connections, broad support from parliamentarians) and some negatives (lack of universality of translation services, online bullying of some delegates) from the event.