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In Doti district about 46 percent of the identified dropout cases belonged to the Chhetri community alone, and the remaining 54 percent of them are distributed across different castes and ethnic groups.
This picture was drawn when the 18-year-old subedar Bam Bahadur Kuvar Ranaji went hunting with other hunters in the jungle of Doti.
The underlying causes of the Great Depression are also addressed and Schweikart and Doti illuminate the historical trends that continue in this present technology-driven economy.
Mr Jones said that Dewin and Doti will feature in a series of books and on a special interactive website to be launched during the autumn.
In the ethnographic study, the researcher visited Bardiya, Doti and Achham districts in mid- and far-western Nepal in conjunction with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) Reproductive Health Project.
Government troops raided the Sharada Secondary School at Mudbhara of Doti District to free the students who after a public meeting were herded into a room for recruitment to serve in the rebel militia, the Defense Ministry said.
Dietro questo schema si coglie l'immagine ufficiale che l'aristocrazia romana intendeva date di se, come depositaria di un vero e proprio catalogo ufficiale di doti, come portatrice di un modello culturale, etico, politico, comportamentale: quel modello che le epoche successive avrebbero riconosciuto come pienamente incarnato in Catone, la figura ideale che Cicerone, a distanza di pio di un secolo dalla sua morte, avrebbe rievocato con nostalgia, adottando ancora non a caso una forma prevalentemente paratattica (14).
The same was true of Florence and, with its pro-inflationary Monte delle Doti, dowries rose faster than in Venice.
For more on the role played by government restrictions on branch banking and the issuance of bank notes during this period, see Timberlake ([1978] 1993, 202-9); Hummel (1996, 324-25); Horwitz (1992, 150-60); and Doti and Schweikart (1991, 53-72).
The attempt to distinguish different paradigms is not unique to this paper: it mirrors those developed in Delery and Doti (1996) - and perhaps unfortunately shares a similar sounding, though differently defined, terminology - and in Wright and McMahan (1992).
Ma chi non misura, come suol dirsi, le parole collo spago, trovera che le due proposizioni si concilian fra loro benissimo, poiche la prima riguarda in genere la dilicatezza, urbanita e tenerezza colle quali ha egli ringentilita questa passione, doti degne di essere sommamente commendate come utili al teatro.
Doti, Personal Injury Income Tax Exclusion: An Analysis and Update.