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DBSTDouble Bituminous Surface Treatment
DBSTDouble British Summer Time (WWII era time zone)
DBSTDirect Broadcast Satellite Television (News Corporation)
DBSTDigital Battlestaff Sustainment Trainer
DBSTDigital Battle Staff Trainer
DBSTDistrict Based Support Team (educational support group; South African Schools Act; South Africa)
DBSTDestination Based Sales Tax
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Debate has continued on the wisdom of the move ever since; for five summers in World War II, it was even extended to Double British Summer Time, with clocks two hours ahead of GMT (one hour ahead in winter).
To help the war effort the Government imposed Double British Summer Time when clocks were two hours ahead of GMT in the summer and one hour ahead in the winter.
I know why double British summer time was stopped, it was because school children in the far north of Scotland had to go to school in the dark for a longer period of time.
Albert Owen MP's latest brainwave to add two hours to summer days instead of just one, took me back like it did your correspondent, to World War ll when we endured double British summer time.
During the war, in order to allow people to get home before the bombs started dropping, we used Double British Summer Time in summer and BST in winter.
Only those who remember the last war will have experienced that, when double British Summer Time was used as part of the black-out precautions.