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Michael Furlong's passenger Natalie Freeman, 15, died when he overtook two lorries on a double white line and crashed into a wall in Bagnelstown, Co Carlow, on March 15 last year.
A POLICE chief was fined pounds 300 yesterday for straying over a double white line and causing a car crash.
The double white line dividing the single lane from the dual lane is completely obscured by traffic crossing it.
Between the offence and appearing in court, Williams, a well-known face in the North Wales-made children's TV series, was also caught crossing a double white line.
This scheme will introduce speed limit amendments, as well as improved signage, road markings and a double white line system to restrict overtaking.
One motorcyclist was reported for summons for motoring offences - contravening double white line and careless riding and one vehicle was seized as the driver admitted driving without insurance.
Seven motorcyclists and 24 other vehicle drivers were fined for double white line offences.
A double white line means you can overtake but only at great speed in a dangerous manner.
A Citroen Xsara overtook another car and crossed a double white line.
It only requires two double white lines and three indicator lights at each end.