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Iqbal said that the revised Avoidance of Double Taxation treaty did contain the Article on Exchange of Information on the request for tax purposes.
Post death taxes Your estate may be taxed in both jurisdictions, although again a double taxation treaty may assist.
The information would however be shared only within the framework of the double taxation treaty between the two nations.
The UAE - India double taxation treaty allows for companies to effectively operate in the two countries.
A double taxation treaty is a negotiated agreement between two sovereign states.
It closely follows the model double taxation treaty published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Swiss Parliament's Committee for Economic Affairs and Taxes (CEAT) in a statement on Tuesday said it has received the India-Switzerland double taxation treaty document and forwarded the same to the National Council.
The article then examines threats to the sustainability of bilateral double taxation treaty networks.
an] agreement between the United States and Switzerland, the IRS will submit a request for administrative assistance pursuant to the existing US-Switzerland Double Taxation Treaty to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA).
There is also a double taxation treaty in place with Britain, which ensures British retirees in Cyprus are safeguarded from paying tax in both countries.
Citgo was bought in 1990 without PDVSA bothering to negotiate a double taxation treaty with the US.