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DSPSLDouble-Sided Parallel-Strip Line (microwave theory)
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Chang, "Wideband coplanar stripline to double-sided parallel-strip line transition," Electronics Letters, vol.
The balanced-TL approach uses the same transmission line design at the front- and ground-plane structure, which also can be called as a double-sided parallel-strip line. The details of the double-sided parallel-strip line technique are discussed in [13] wherein they implemented it in their proposed filter design.
Chang, "Ultrawide-band transitions and new microwave components using double-sided parallel-strip lines," IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol.
Another wideband bandpass filters with an ideal DSPSL (double-sided parallel-strip line) 180 phase inversion was introduced in [18].
In this paper, in order to achieve high impedance transmission line, an ATL with double-sided parallel-strip lines (DSPSLs) has been proposed.
Xue, "Novel 5 : 1 unequal Wilkinson power divider using offset double-sided parallel-strip lines," IEEE Microw.
In [1], a novel ultra -wideband (UWB) differential filter is presented based on double-sided parallel-strip lines. In [2,3], differential-mode UWB BPFs are fabricated with multiple stages branch-line.
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