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DTGPDocuments that Guide Practice (UK)
DTGPDiluting the Gene Pool (Osiris Rising album)
DTGPDown The Garden Path
DTGPDistal Tibial Growth Plate
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References in classic literature ?
I then walked slowly down the garden path, which happened to be composed of a clay soil, peculiarly suitable for taking impressions.
She was half-way down the garden path before she heard him calling her, and saw his grizzled head and weather-stained face looking out from behind the curtains.
Having uttered these words he left the house, slowly sauntered down the garden path, and disappeared through the gate.
Holmes was curiously distrait, and we walked up and down the garden path for some time in silence.
The ground is very hard, you see, and there are no marks to guide us." As he spoke two men came down the garden path, from round the angle of the house.
As Beatrice came down the garden path, it was observable that she handled and inhaled the odor of several of the plants which her father had most sedulously avoided.
I rushed down the garden path, hammered at the door, heard the voice of Gladys within, pushed past the staring maid, and strode into the sitting-room.
Walking down the garden path, through latticed archways and past stone-trimmed flowerbeds, it's easy for a visitor to see why this oasis of color and peace was a winner.
I had hardly been here a month when I saw my neighbor across the road open my gate and walk down the garden path. He's a nice older guy, retired and living with his wife in an immaculate place: His lawn is so near to perfection that no weed dares raise its head above the seamless green.
HC says state's babus led chief minister down the garden path
"I was meditating and suddenly a voice called out 'if you bring your life in line with what I have in store for you I will lead you down the garden path," Scott said.
During bouts of lucidity I read my book, The Worst Journey In The World, a trek that makes Friday rush-hour on the M25 look like skipping down the garden path in the sunshine.