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DSKDominique Strauss-Kahn (French Finance Minister 1997-99)
DSKDeutsche Steinkohle AG
DSKDownstream Keyer
DSKDSP Starter Kit (Texas Instruments)
DSKDeveloper'S Starter Kit
DSKDvorak Simplified Keyboard
DSKDesktop File
DSKDsp Starter Kit
DSKDown Stream Key
DSKDvorak Standard Keyboard
DSKAzerbaijan State Statistics Committee
DSKDivine Swag Krew
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Pebble Beach Marina controls the downstream keyers on the IS-750 for Viz Multichannel graphics, as per the MediaGeniX schedule.
It includes full audio mixing capability, upstream chroma keyer, auto re sync on all inputs, Black Burst and HD Tri Sync Genlock input, unbalanced AES/EBU input, two media player frame stores, downstream keyers, full transitions, fade to black, Multi View monitoring, USB 2 for capture of H.
Both models include four upstream keyers, each with independent chroma, shaped and linear keying in the transition block, as well as two downstream keyers, stinger effects, graphic wipe and independent fade to black.