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DVDCDiabetes Vaccine Development Centre (Australia)
DVDCDel Valle Dog Club
DVDCDowntown Village Development Corporation (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
DVDCDiablo Valley Democratic Club (California)
DVDCDelaware Valley Dalmatian Club
DVDCDirectors of Volunteers throughout Dakota County
DVDCDesert Valley Dachshund Club (Arizona)
DVDCDifference in Value between Design and Construction
DVDCDementia Valley Day Camp
DVDCDynamic Visions Development Corporation
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Sudbury's Downtown Village Development Corporation (DVDC) is proposing a mixed-used development project that would meet multiple needs in the downtown, while kickstarting improvements to the core of the city.
Now she is founder and managing director of the Downtown Village Development Corporation (DVDC), and co-founder of Imagine Sudbury.
It's a very small step," says Susan Thompson, director, Downtown Village Development Corporation (DVDC).
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