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Elected as "The Most Innovative School" with t-MBA, Doya Schools introduces "t-MBA Digital" at the Bett Show this year
This year, as well as the t-MBA education model, Doya Schools introduced the online and personalized version of the model called "t-MBA Digital" to learning and technology professionals.
With their "t-MBA Digital" presentation, Doya Schools t-MBA students once again highlighted the important role of the technology in learning in London.
t-MBA Digital, which was created by Doya by spending over 1.
On this platform, Doya Schools also announced the winner of the t-MBA Project World Contest , which was launched for the first time to UK students in September 2012 and is now on its second year.
Muhammad Farmer, said, "As The British Institute of Technology and E-commerce, we are proud of being partners with Doya Schools.
Multiple representations of belief states and action values in corticobasal ganglia loops by Kazuyuki Samejima and Kenji Doya
Student Assemblies International Relations President Aybuke UlutaE received Doya Schools' USD 2,000 award on behalf of the winner of the third prize, Valentina Semerdzhieva (Bulgaria), from Doya Schools Middle and High School Coordinator Omer Suat Gundoydu.
The Doya Schools, which attended the fair, held from 30 January to 2 February 2013 as the only k-12 educational institution , met the visitors at the booth D-282 in collaboration with its global partners Apple, Brittanica, Intel, Pearson, Vestel, Promethean, and VS.
In contrast to the other booths at the BETT Show, t-MBA students at the Doya Schools' booth will also make presentations in the booths of global giants such as Intel and Pearson as well as their own booths.