DPPFDavao Prison and Penal Farm (Philippines)
DPPFDepartamento de Protecção das Plantas e de Fitoecologia (Portuguese: Department of Plant Protection and Phyto-Ecological)
DPPFDoctoral Program Planning Form (Marquette University)
DPPFDéfense des Propriétaires du Palais de France (French: Defense of Owners of the Palace of France)
DPPFDirectorate of Pension & Provident Fund (India)
DPPFDamage Prevention Path Forward (pipeline safety group; Baltimore, MD)
DPPFDutch Power Pack Festival (auto racing)
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Marcelo Morales, the director of Police Regional Office XI, they received a request for assistance from the DPPF after they caught Carlo L.
[[Ag.sub.2](dppf)[(3-benzyl-1,3-thiazoHdine-2-thione).sub.2]].[(N[O.sub.3]).sub.2], 2.
The 13-member council of Panabo City approved a similar resolution, which also cited the importance of the agreement in the success of BuCor's rehabilitation program for convicts serving time at DPPF.
Upon use of 13, the C8-demethyl analogue 14 was generated using a reagent combination of Pd[Cl.sub.2](dppf), [Ph.sub.3]As and [Cs.sub.2]C[O.sub.3].
Some of the catalysts reported are Pd[(OAc).sub.2] [36], Pd[Cl.sub.2] [37], ([PPh.sub.3])2Pd[Cl.sub.2] [38], [([PPh.sub.3]).sub.4]Pd [39], Pd(dppf)[Cl.sub.2] [40], and Pd(dppf)[Cl.sub.2] x C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2] [41].
The dPPF was mixed with potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution and kept in ice waterbath with shaking to obtain the highest efficiency of extraction [20].
En la confeccion del nuevo esquema de ordenamiento territorial de la ciudad de La Habana, elaborado por la Direccion Provincial de Planificacion Fisica (DPPF), a partir de las estructuras existen-tes y sus oportunidades se consi-deraron, entre otros, los aspectos esenciales siguientes:
In the fall of 1990 the district installed PLATO labs at four additional high schools, utilizing Disadvantaged Pupil Program Funds (DPPF) to make the purchases.