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DPSTDouble Pole Single Throw
DPSTDouble-Pole Single-Throw (Switch)
DPSTDisplay Power Saving Technology
DPSTDoctor of Professional Studies (various locations)
DPSTDigital Printing Solutions & Technologies (Vero Beach, FL)
DPSTDirekt Potentiometrische Sensor Technik (German: Direct Potentiometric Sensor Technology)
DPSTDirect Pump Setting Tool (explosive setting device)
DPSTDevelopment and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project (Royal Government of Thailand scholarship)
DPSTDisaster Preparedness Support Team
DPSTDigital Pitot Static Test (aircraft instruments)
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The DPST project is a special programme for talented students in science and technology but the seven schools are not only for talented students.
Braden Sutphin Ink Company Brightfish Label DPST, a Division of GTUSA Dynic USA Corporation Eastman Kodak Company Encres Dubuit Epson America Inc.
DPST and WDRW do the same, respectively, for the daily performance of the Solactive U.
5mm toggle switches feature many circuit configurations, including SPST, SPDT, DPST and DPDT, with a choice of momentary or maintained circuits.
The 6U GX6196 96-Channel DPST Relay and Control Card allows the customer to create his or her own switch topology using a user-defined mezzanine interface card.
The SPST switch offers 150 gf [+ or -] 100 gf, and the DPST switch offers 200 gf [+ or -] 100 gf.