DPTHDivision Productions Thermiques et Hydrauliques (French: Thermal and Hydraulic Productions Division)
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(1) The ingress switch (either hardware or software switch) attaches a DPTH to all packets.
When measuring latency between any two switches, DPTH only needs to send a timestamped from switch S1 to switch S2 and directly calculate the time difference as long as these switches have synchronized clocks.
Caption: Figure 3: Timestamping all packets in DPTH.
Thus, at this point in the program either TBBS or DPTH can be recommended as accelerators most suitable for the zinc-free system.
When sulfur donor DPTH replaced TBBS, these sulfur related trends were barely discernible.
A similar set reduction occurred with DPTH (table 6).
Contact point (s): Eidikos Logariasmos Kondylion Ereynas DPTh.
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