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DCFRDraft Common Frame of Reference
DCFRDirectorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
DCFRDarrel Chapman Fun Run (Australia)
DCFRDenver Council on Foreign Relations (Denver, CO)
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In line with this scheme, the Draft Common Frame of Reference provides for "a right not be discriminated against on the grounds of sex or ethnic or racial origin in relation to a contract" concerning "goods or services which are available to the public." (46) This is not a rule directly protecting human rights, as stated in the introduction to the Draft, (47) at least not in the sense that human rights have directly to do with individual emancipation, not in the sense that they do not need to be filtered by the market systemic logic.
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18--se hace referencia expresa al Draft Common Frame of Reference y a la centralidad que en este asumen la buena fe y la correccion), entonces la conclusion parece ser la siguiente: cuando una norma estructuralmente dispositiva es emanada en funcion de un objetivo de politica del derecho ordoliberal (y aqui el objetivo es tutelar al pequeno y mediano empresario en su posicion de acreedor), entonces esta disposicion adquirira una relevancia funcional imperativa.
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Institute, Italy) compile 10 essays by European legal scholars who consider second generation research in European private law after the "Academic" Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR).