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DragDragon (Runescape gaming)
DragDinitrogenase Reductase-Activating Glycohydrolase
DragDisability Rights Association of Goa (India)
DragDevaux's Removed Activity Gauge (project management)
DragDoctrinal Review and Approval Group (US Army, TRADOC)
DragDigital Resources Advisory Group (Florida International University; Miami, FL)
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She pulls on that chain, and so drags herself up the river or down it.
I says to myself, they'll follow the track of that sack- ful of rocks to the shore and then drag the river for me.
"Pardon, Monseigneur; he swung by the chain of the shoe--the drag."
"Did the man run away, Dolt, when we stopped for the drag?"
But she thought that I did not answer her because I was angry, and about to drag her to this unknown chief, and implored me the more even with tears.
"Now, here, my brother," said Nada, pointing at me with her finger, "here is that old umfagozan, that low fellow, who, unless I dream, but a very little while ago brought shame upon me--ay, my brother, he struck me, a maid, with his kerrie, and that only because I said that I would stab him for his insolence, and he did worse: he swore that he would drag me to some old chief of his to be a gift to him, and this he was about to do, had you not come.
Who knew that the contestants who exited before season 10 before it had really got started would still be the name on everybody's lips as we edge closer to finding out who will succeed season 9 winner Sasha Valour to the Drag Race Throne.
We've all seen it through the "drag ball" in its most appropriated form, as the saccharine television production packaged and presented by RuPaul.
BEIRUT: "I left the house in full makeup -- face beat for the gods!" 25-year-old designer and animal rights activist Joe exclaimed, referencing a particularly powerful, exaggerated style of makeup as he recalled the night of his first drag performance.
The viscoelasticity of slick-water is the main cause of drag reduction, but the mechanism of viscoelasticity of a polymer remains unclear.