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D.SDrainage Structure (flood protection)
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The ADS FLEXSTORM adjustable design allows it to fit any drainage structure and provide maximum protection while being easy to install and economical.
Two-layered soil subsurface drainage structure is designed using Ernst relationship (Sutton, 1971; Beers, 1976; Martinez Beltran 1978; Wehry et al., 1982; Kroes & Van Dam, 2003) completed by David I.
The project includes 250-meter approaches on each side, a 7.32-meter roadway, nine 2-2.50-diameter bored piles (deep foundation), and two abutments with drainage structure and embankment protection works.
The proposal eliminated the two bridges by recommending the installation of a 450-ft long CONTECH[R] Multi-Plate[R] steel roadway tunnel and a large, steel drainage structure. Instead of Route 743 going under the bridges, the two-lane road would pass through the tunnel, which would be under 63 ft of hill.
Thus, the inlets are designed to capture the prescribed surface water runoff and connect to large diameter mains for maximum drainage flow, allowing for a larger trunk line without the need to oversize the drainage structure.