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DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRAMDatabase of Recorded American Music
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory Device
DRAMDemand Response and Advanced Metering
DRAMDrinking Report for Addiction Medicine
DRAMDeep River Ancient Muster (Connecticut)
DRAMDisaggregated Residential Allocation Model
DRAMDigitally Recorded Announcement Machine/Module (PBXs)
DRAMDynamic read-write Random Access Memory
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Nosotros buscamos sustancias especificas, no buscamos metabolitos de sustancias que no son prohibidas, como en este caso el Dramamine.
Until then, we cannot recommend taking Dramamine in hopes of reducing the severity of a heart attack or a stroke.
Carry Dramamine if you are prone to motion sickness, or get a scopolamine patch from your doctor.
Fortified with Dramamine, I steadied my position and focused on the outline of the nearby Atlantis resort as the waves seemed to pitch the property up and down on the horizon.
He's got a laptop, a theory about how the atmosphere swirls around Greenland's icy bulk, and enough Dramamine to last for 17 turbulent flights over the raging northern oceans.
I tried taking Dramamine, but that made me sleepy," said McWilliams, who's taking pre-calculus, literature, economics, Spanish literature and Spanish history this term.
As I watch Martin Lawrence, through my Dramamine haze, running along the beach in a fat suit, braids, and bathing suit, I wonder, Why couldn't he make this funny?
Nearly 20% of parents gave their children Dramamine (dimenhydrinate) either before they began to suffer the symptoms of motion sickness as a preventative or once the symptoms began.
If you're still queasy, take an over-the-counter med like Dramamine before buckling up.