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DRASDemand Response Automation Server
DRASDelisting Risk Assessment Software
DRASDual Row Airdrop System (US Army/US Air Force; C-17 aircraft)
DRASDisability Rating Activity Site (US VA)
DRASDefense Retiree & Annuitant Pay System
DRASDisability Rights Advisory Service (UK)
DRASDurham Region Aquarium Society (Ontario, Canada)
DRASDate Rape Attitudes Survey
DRASDRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) Row Address Strobe (information technology)
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Real-time access to investment, customer relationship management and property information will help DRA control its dynamic investment and property management environments.
By lessening fluid turbulence in pipelines, DRAs are effective in optimising pipeline flow and lowering pipeline operating costs by increasing throughput capacity and reducing operating pressure.
It sounds like a bunch of alphabet soup, but DRAs are subject to required minimum distributions (RMDs).
In recent years, various methods have been investigated to broaden the bandwidth of the DRAs [6-18].
DRAs investment through its CIF program will enhance rail transport to provide immediate and future growth opportunities for the port.
Exhibit A also includes the DRA fence damage field reports, which have been detailed with the determination on whether the area is to be repaired or replaced.
A Work Location Map identifying each DRA that requires work has been provided in Exhibit A, including the parcel limits and proposed work at each DRA or work location.
3 PRIOR TO SUBMITTING BID It is in the CONTRACTOR s best interest and highly recommended for CONTRACTOR to visit the DRAs before submitting a bid.
The announcement issued jointly by SIRSI and DRA on May 17 stated that DRA wilt be purchased for a total of $51.