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DCVData Center Virtualization
DCVDirectional Control Valve
DCVDemand Controlled Ventilation (HVAC)
DCVDubai Cargo Village (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
DCVDress Code Violation
DCVDetector Check Valve (backflow prevention device)
DCVDesktop Cloud Visualization (software; NICE; Italy)
DCVDry Creek Valley (California)
DCVDouble Check Valve
DCVDense Core Vesicle (cell population classification)
DCVDelta Club Valais (Swiss hang gliding club)
DCVDestination Coded Vehicle (airport baggage handling)
DCVDélégué Commercial Virtuel (French: Virtual Trade Commissioner; Canada)
DCVDisney Club Vacances (French: Disney Vacation Club)
DCVDiffusion Chaussures et Vêtements (French: Shoes and Clothing Distribution)
DCVDirect Current Volts
DCVDefense Combat Value
DCVDouble-Concave Lens
DCVDirection du Coût des Ventes (French: Directorate of Cost of Sales)
DCVDepósito Central de Valores SA (Chile national securities depository)
DCVDocument Control Voucher (banking & finance)
DCVDesign Configuration and Verification
DCVDrum Circle Vibe (Deltona, FL)
DCVDomain Control Validation
DCVDefenders Council of Vermont
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I received a call from the school about my daughter being sent to the office for a dress code violation.
Now, because of her daughter's experience, Renfro says she catches herself paying attention at school events to dress code violations -- earrings that might be too big, or a boy's hair that is longer than shoulder length.
Parents and guardians need to be held accountable for student dress code violations.
color) Saugus High School Assistant Principal Frank Ferry says dress code violations are down considerably this year, but he's got a special T-shirt for students who still haven't gotten the message.
What happened instead what that Jimmy Cox fixated himself upon such trivial dress code violations (uneven zipper levels
Iranian women are not allowed to wear boots when wearing pants--Iranian police, in line with their "winter combat" against dress code violations, have announced that women are prohibited from wearing boots over pants.
Quartz Hill High students were cited for 541 dress code violations between September and December, registering most - 328 - in the first month of school.
On one occasion, his father was arrested and detained for playing keyboards at a party and his mother was harassed for minor dress code violations
The reality, according to federal data, is that African-American students are suspended and expelled at a rate that is more than three times that of their white peers, with nonviolent offenses such as disruption, disrespect, tardiness and dress code violations accounting for some 95 percent of out-of-school suspensions.
Also, some parents and legal authorities claim that when students either are sent home or placed in isolation because of dress code violations, it has a negative effect on their educational opportunity and ultimate performance.
The newly created spy force will continue, but the members of the group will not be empowered to report dress code violations, the Interior Ministry says.
Background: Looking at dress code violations and demographics surrounding kids breaking the rules.