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DRLOGDrilling Log (energy production)
DRLOGDeficiency Reporting Log System
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The well has been evaluated and determined to be commercially viable, and the well's drilling log confirms that there is approximately 150 feet of shale in the New Albany Shale formation encountered in this well.
When the actual drilling is taking place, the inspector clicks on the "Drilling" folder tab, which launches a new database that is set up as a drilling log. This log can be launched to either enter new data or review previously entered logs.
(NASDAQ: URRE) has acquired an extensive data set containing historical mineral resource estimates as well as over 2,000 drilling logs, geologic and other data for URI's Butler Ranch Project in South Texas, the company said.
For example, in an asset-based model, with the functions deployed in the field and reporting into one geographically based organisational structure, good analytics can help managers become more efficient in managing the variety of data (including seismic, drilling logs, operational parameters such as drill bit RPMs and weight on bit, frack performance data and production rates) that help optimise well design and production.
Weathering surfaces for the major oxidation states were created on interpretation of historical drilling logs.
“After seeing the drilling logs we initiated some additional testing, utilizing formation tests and cores.
Walford has all the drilling logs dating back to 1965 and acquired their core samples.
Interpretation of the drilling logs indicates a gross gas column of approximately 33 meters (107 feet) which the Lodore and joint-venture partner, Pel-Tex1, engineers believe is associated with 7 to 12 bcf of gas.
The first phase of this project also provided drilling logs and cutting sample analysis to facilitate the second phase, which will involve opening the pilot hole to accommodate the 24-inch OD steel carrier, drilling and opening a parallel hole, offset five meters, for a backup line.
The Pan Am A-1 well (MGS State 18743-1) flow tested gas (> 3 MMCF/day) in the Lower Tyonek Formation from one of three gas intervals identified on drilling logs; this well also had significant oil shows in the Hemlock formation at the bottom of the well.