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DAMPDeficits in Attention, Motor Control and Perception
DAMPDeclarative Aspects of Multicore Programming
DAMPDrainage Area Management Plan
DAMPDriver Amplifier
DAMPDanger-Associated Molecular Pattern (immunology)
DAMPDeoxyadenosine-5'-Monophosphate (nucleotide)
DAMPDynamique et Adsorption dans les Matériaux Poreux (French: Dynamic Adsorption in Porous Materials)
DAMPDownrange Antimissile Measurement Program
DAMPDGM Antenna Mast Program
DAMPDefense Acquisition Management Policy
DAMPDemand Analysis Manufacturing Planning
DAMPDefense Acquisition Management Procedure
DAMPDefense Acquisition Management Process
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The five versions are the LNA (low-noise amplifier), IFA (intermediate frequency amplifiers), driver amplifiers, gain blocks, and the VGA (variable gain amplifier).
This driver amplifier covers a broad frequency range of 250 to 3000 MHz with excellent linearity of 47 dBm output IP3 and typical gain of 19.
The pulsed operation of the C-band driver amplifier was simulated by applying a 1-millisecond pulse followed by a 3-millisecond pause.
Wideband, low noise, generic gain block and driver amplifier MMICs have been developed using many different device technologies including MESFET, HBT and PHEMT.
Test results for a TGH2910-FL 10 W driver amplifier evaluation board biased at a near class-B quiescent point of 28 V and 30 mA are plotted in Figure 1.
The family includes a variable-gain driver amplifier, a 1 Watt GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) power amplifier, a subharmonic upconverter and a highly-integrated block downconverter.
With the introduction of the MAAMGM0002, M/A-COM adds a cost-effective, highly manufacturable surface-mount plastic-packaged wideband driver amplifier to its array of standard products.
The model PA2001 is a 1 W RF linear driver amplifier with a low noise figure of 2 dB and a high OIP3 level of +46.
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