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DDKDriver Development Kit (Microsoft driver development)
DDKDevice Driver Kit
DDKDevice Development Kit
DDKDriver Development Kit
DDKDeutsches Dan-Kollegium, eV (martial arts organization; Germany)
DDKDaiichi Denshi Kogyo (Japan)
DDKDemocratic Movement of Kyrgyzstan
DDKDie Deutschen Klassiker (German car club)
DDKDelaware Diamond Knives, Inc. (Wilmington, DE)
DDKDbf4-Dependent Kinase
DDKDroid Developer Kit
DDKDouble Digit Kyu (gaming)
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0 print driver development kit has been enhanced to support the XPSDrv print path in current and future Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, and to provide improved capability for laser and inkjet printers and multifunction peripherals (MFPs).
EI's certification program, including a third-party driver development kit, ensures compatibility with hardware components and systems, and allows developers who have invested time and effort in MPI programming to gain extreme performance for their applications.
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