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In the first part of the study, which included 3,269 respondents, 179 people had stopped driving to work and were either walking or cycling (109) or taking public transport (70).
Many feel driving to work alone in their cars will be their only option - despite growing green and health concerns.
Not only must buses, trains and trams become more frequent, the cost of using these services must not be significantly greater than the current cost of driving to work.
Driving to work is also the most stressful regular journey for one in eight British drivers overall (12 per cent), and threequarters (74 per cent) of them blame their journey from hell on the sheer volume of traffic.
Liverpool crown court heard Paul Chester's "momentary lapse" meant he failed to spot biker Anthony Cave, 40, and crossed a junction while driving to work.
Inspector Christopher Cropper, of Greater Manchester Police, was arrested after allegedly driving to work at Cheadle Hulme police station on December 1 last year.
By November 15, 1994, all companies with over 100 employees failing to submit and/or implement Commute Option Programs, (plans designed by the Clean Air Amendments to provide employees with alternatives to driving to work alone), may be subject to civil penalties and fines.
But it's never been seriously tried, mostly because the notion of charging voters for the privilege of driving to work is one for which most politicians have managed to contain their enthusiasm.
The survey, by Birmingham Future, shows the majority of respondents found driving to work more convenient and reliable than taking the bus or train.
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