DRPADelaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey
DRPADispute Resolution Programs Act
DRPADurham Regional Police Association (Whitby, Ontario, Canada)
DRPADevore Rural Protection Association (Devore, California)
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According to a Barrier System spokesperson, the action taken by the DRPA and other local transportation agencies in the Northeast corridor improves both performance and safety of structures and roads with reversible lanes and contraflow operations.
We followed the instructions of the DRPA to share commissions with Graham," McCarthy said.
Tenders are invited for Hot-Poured Liquid Asphalt Binder for the DRPA Bridge Facilities
Tenders are invited for Two (2) Year Maintenance Training & Emergency Service Agreement for Petroleum Fuel Storage Management and Dispensing System for DRPA & PATCO
These services shall be performed at such times, dates, and locations as the DRPA shall designate to the Contractor by reasonable notice (not less than 24 hours), and the Contractor agrees to devote its best professional efforts to providing said services in a high-quality and expeditious manner.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Various Aluminum and Steel Products for the DRPA Bridge Facilities
The limits of this project include DRPA roadway and ramp structures east of the toll plaza.
The purpose of this audit is to provide an independent, objective and comprehensive review of the DRPAs Bridge Operations in order to support the Authoritys mission of a more effective and efficient organization.