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DDVDroits de Vote (French: Voting Rights)
DDVDeutscher Derivate Verband (German: German Derivatives Association)
DDVDeutscher Dialogmarketing Verband eV (German: German Direct Marketing Association; formerly Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband)
DDVDirect Drive Valvetrain
DDVDialog Data Verification
DDVDrug Delivery Vehicle
DDVDroits de Vivre (French: Rights to Life)
DDVDroit d'Vélo (French: Right to Bike)
DDVDialog Data Validation
DDVDirect Drive Valve
DDVDerecho de Vía (Spanish: Right of Way)
DDVDownhole Deployment Valve (oil drilling)
DDVDigital Diffusion Vidéo (France)
DDVDisable Displacement Vessels
DDVDue Diligence Visit (US IRS)
DDVDeep Diving Vehicle
DDVDenys Dyachuk Victorovich (Studio)
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Optimal features of drug delivery vehicles may be applied to improve carrier qualities, including cellular tropism, efficient therapeutic cargos, appropriate physicochemical properties, and sufficient immune tolerance.
Various traditional drug delivery vehicles have the capability of intracellular delivery of the antifungal or antibacterial agents and control its release over a prolonged period.
Therefore, a drug delivery vehicle with multi-targeting facility and stimuli responsive features is need of the recent pharmaceutics and modern drug delivery system.
These allotropes of carbons are extensively studied and investigated as novel drug delivery vehicles due to their good biocompatibility, ultrahigh surface area, good mechanical strength yet ultralight weight, low cytotoxicity, and excellent chemical and thermal stability.
At the same time, the researchers boost the immune response in the region surrounding the tumour by delivering IL-2--a cytokine, which is a protein that tells protective cells that there is a problem-in the same drug delivery vehicle. The cytokine can be thought of as a way to get reinforcements to cross the dry moat into the castle and signal for more forces to come in," Fahmy said.
In the past few decades, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have received tremendous attention from the science community for fundamental research as well as their applications in various fieldsof study such as catalyst supports [1], hydrogen storage medium [2], field emission displays [3], composite materials [4], sensors and biosensors [5], nanoprobes and, most recently, as a potential drug delivery vehicle for therapeutics agents [6] in nanomedicine.
"My job as a nanoengineer is to out what you need to do to put all the different parts together, whether it's a drug delivery vehicle, photovoltaic applications, sensors or transistors.
Compared to other drug delivery vehicles, these features provide flexibility to incorporate a wide molecular weight range, including poorly bioavailable drugs
Metal complex nanoparticles such as Prussian blue nanoparticles have been tested for heavy metal toxicity, coating medium, drug delivery vehicles, MRI substance, luminescent materials, and sensors.
The two-year agreement will give AstraZeneca use of Aptamer Group's proprietary technology to explore the feasibility of developing the next generation of drug delivery vehicles, called Aptamer Drug Conjugates (ApDCs).
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