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DDRDouble Data Rate
DDRDeutsche Demokratische Republik (former East Germany)
DDRDance Dance Revolution (dance simulation game series)
DDRDance Dance Revolution (band)
DDRDrug Demand Reduction
DDRDirection du Développement Rural (French: Directorate of Rural Development)
DDRDésarmement, Démobilisation et Réinsertion (French: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration)
DDRDotation de Développement Rural (French: Rural Development Endowment)
DDRDoha Development Round (World Trade Organization)
DDRDevice Description Repository
DDRDisarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration
DDRDevelopers Diversified Realty (Beachwood, OH)
DDRDispositif Différentiel Résiduel (French: Residual Current Device)
DDRDrug Development Research (journal)
DDRDial-on-Demand Routing
DDRDynamic Document Review
DDRDolby Digital Ready Receiver
DDRDial on Demand Routing
DDRDatabase Design Report
DDRDac Decoder Regulator
DDRDay Delegate Rate
DDRDue Diligence Report
DDRDirect Debit Request
DDRDry Dry Ruins (gaming)
DDRDigital Disk Recorder
DDRDaily Dairy Report (farming news)
DDRData Direction Register
DDRDynamic Document Review (Symantec web security feature)
DDRDevil Doll Records (Long Beach, CA)
DDRDetailed Design Review
DDRDigital Data Recorder
DDRRadar Picket Destroyer (US Navy ship type)
DDRDétection Dérivation Réseaux (French: Detection Derivation Networks)
DDRDiscovery Data Record (Microsoft System Management Server)
DDRData Descriptive Record
DDRDaily Drilling Report
DDRDynamic Desktop Router
DDRDirect Deposit Refund
DDRData Discrepancy Report
DDRDynamic Device Recognition (HP Tru64 Unix)
DDRDoncaster Defence Regiment (UK)
DDRDistrict Dedicated Revenue (Florida)
DDRData Delivery Rate (Sprint)
DDRDisarmament, Demobilization and Resettlement
DDRDaily Development Report
DDRDaily Demand Rate
DDRDistributed Dynamic Reservation
DDRDual-Depletion Region
DDRDocument Discrepancy Report
DDRDesign Development Record (NASA)
DDRDual Doppler Radar
DDRDirect Digital Receiver
DDRDASD Dump and Restore
DDRDeficiency and Disposition Report
DDRDeveloper Documentation Requirements (DII COE)
DDRDaily Document Register
DDRDefinitive Design Review
DDRDisposition Decision Review
DDRDesensitization Dynamic Range
DDRDual Dial Restore
DDRDesign Defect Report
DDRDesigner's Desk Reference
DDRDienst Donorregister
DDRDoD (Department of Defense) Data Repository (US DoD)
DDRDriver's Defect Report
DDRData Distribution Requirement
DDRDirect Data Retrieval
DDRDelayed Delivery Receipt
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To strengthen the governments anti-drug campaign in the communities, PDEA initiated the conduct of 34,296 drug demand reduction activities, including anti-drug summits throughout the country.
to liaison with Provincial Governments in preparation of strategy and projects relating to drug demand reduction.
The Minister was apprised that ANF is also undertaking drug demand reduction campaign through public awareness drives and community participation activities throughout Pakistan
paradigm including drug demand reduction, drug supply reduction and
" Meanwhile, the US Department of State's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) collaborated with the Philippine Dangerous Drugs Board and the Sri Lanka-based Colombo Plan to strengthen drug demand reduction initiatives in the Philippines.
'From December 31, 2018, no donor funding is available to support DWE drug demand reduction and harm reduction services.
Saturday, May 18, is the new date for the Lake County Young Marines' drug demand reduction march.
Said Locsin: 'At its core are drug supply reduction-stemming the massive flow of illicit drugs; and drug demand reduction through community-based rehabilitation and the widest preventive programs-a strategy of enforcement, rehabilitation, reintegration.'
The investments of our time, effort and resources in both drug supply and drug demand reduction initiatives are paying off.
He spoke on Monday, when he officially opened the International Conference on Drug Demand Reduction at KICC, Nairobi.
DEFY is sponsored by local commands with the mission to improve combat readiness by providing a drug demand reduction and comprehensive life skills program specifically designed to improve youth resiliency and strength.
The youth sector, meanwhile, was asked to support drug demand reduction or elimination.
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