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DPFDiesel Particulate Filter
DPFDigital Photo Frame
DPFDivision of Particles and Fields (American Physical Society)
DPFDiversified Property Fund (various organizations)
DPFDynamic Properties Framework
DPFDocking Parameter File
DPFDownload Program Files
DPFDiffusion de la Pensée Française (French: Dissemination of French Thought; publishing company)
DPFDavis Phinney Foundation (Boulder, CO)
DPFDepartamento de Polícia Federal (Federal Police Agency - Brazil)
DPFDélégué aux Prestations Familiales (French: Delegate to Family Benefits)
DPFDistributed Packet Filtering (computing)
DPFDrug Policy Foundation
DPFDisplacement Power Factor
DPFDownloaded Program File (computing)
DPFDays Post Fertilization
DPFDécoupe de Précision à Fil (French: Precision Wire Cutting)
DPFDevelopment Policy Forum (EU)
DPFDuang Prateep Foundation (Thailand)
DPFDiscrete Packet Format
DPFDansk Petanque Forbund
DPFDiffusion Prestation Fiabilité (French: Diffusion Delivery Reliability; packaging company)
DPFDesarmaux Père et Fils (French industrial subcontracting company)
DPFDental Practitioners' Formulary
DPFDiscretionary Participation Feature (finance, accounting, insurance)
DPFDeadly Physical Force
DPFDaniel Pearl Foundation
DPFDisciples Peace Fellowship
DPFDigital Policy Forum
DPFDifferential Pressure Feedback (automotive)
DPFDatabase Partition Feature (data storage)
DPFDynamic Packet Filtering
DPFDual Power Feed (AT&T)
DPFData Path Function
DPFDynamic Pressure Feedback
DPFDynamic Protocol Filtering (IBM, technique used by MSS to dynamically assign membership in a PVLAN)
DPFDemocratic Professionals Forum
DPFDynamic Penalty Function
DPFDynamic Power Flatness (Agilent)
DPFDynamic Policy File (retail systems)
DPFDabalarovhiwa Patriotic Front (South Africa)
DPFDeepaloka Foundation (Sri Lanka)
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Treatment is less expensive and more effective in the long term in reducing people's use and abuse of drugs, "says Katharine Huffman of the Lindesmith Drug Policy Foundation.
We want the people of California to get what they voted for,'' said Glenn Backes, director of health and harm reduction at The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation, a Sacramento nonprofit drug policy reform organization that graded the counties.
Groups involved in the shadow conventions include Common Cause, the National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support, the Lindesmith Center- Drug Policy Foundation, and others.
I am happy to report that, after organizers in both Arizona and California approached the Drug Policy Foundation and others in the reform field, we were able to offer some assistance--both intellectual and financial.
Unpublished paper presented at the Drug Policy Foundation conference, 1992.
Fortunately, such work is already underway at the Drug Policy Foundation and by the Princeton Working Group on the Future of Drug Use and Alternatives to Drug Prohibition.
In a recent poll conducted for the Drug Policy Foundation, 36 percent of the adult population favored legalization or controlled distribution of most drugs.
He noted that Soros provides major funding for drug-legalization outfits like The Drug Policy Foundation, The Open Society and The Lindesmith Center.
George Murkin, of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, says the UK should follow suit.
Danny Kushlick, head of external affairs at think-tank Transform Drug Policy Foundation, said: "This research should serve as a wake-up call to policymakers to legally regulate drugs as an urgent priority.
He agreed with a recent article in the British Medical Journal by Stephen Rolles, from the think tank Transform Drug Policy Foundation.
Danny Kushlick, director of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation said: "This latest resignation is because Carlin recognises that criminalisation causes harm for young people in direct contradiction to the Government's stated intention.