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D&BDun & Bradstreet
D&BDrum and Bass (music genre)
D&BDesign & Build
D&BDrill and Blast (engineering)
D&BDesign and Build
D&BDrum and Bugle Corps
D&BDave & Busters
D&BDocking and Berthing
D&BDraw N Build (India)
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I listen to loads of different types of music but nothing has the level of energy that drum and bass has, there's nothing like it.
So, let's see." Sound Avtar performed at Hauz Khas Social on December 31 a drum and bass DJ Mumbai- based DJ Sound Avtar
Celebrating 25 years in the business, Fabio and Grooverider chat here about the drum and bass scene.
"Singing over the top of drum and bass tracks was a bit of a challenge at first because the speed is around 170bpm, but I was into the scene in the 1990s and, to be honest, drum and bass tracks are a joy to sing on.
Cogley offered police an explanation for his driving, saying he was DUI of drum and bass, not alcohol or drugs.
DJ JA, whose real name is Jay Andrews, began experimenting with drum and bass back in 1992, when, while just 14 years old, he started mixing happy hardcore.
For those who don't know Sub Focus (otherwise known as Nick Douwma), he is an English drum and bass producer who has the uncanny knack of turning out hit tune after hit tune.
Michael, aged 31, of Carey Street, Bell Green, said they had experience of running club nights and added: "There is nothing out there in Coventry for young people into drum and bass." Anyone interested in hosting the night can contact Neil on 07835 620634.
One of the leading lights on the drum and bass scene, Roni Size's popularity shows no sign of waning.
Within each city the scene tends to be divided based on musical genre, including house, trance, and jungle, also known as drum and bass [see page 61].
Even if you don't understand or, for that matter, want to understand electronica, the drum and bass movement, and its ties to jazz, go and get the CD.
Scientists at the British Tomato Growers' Association have discovered that loud rock music and thumping drum and bass tunes could ensure a bumper harvest this year.