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First cut dry matter yield of oat and Egyptian clover in mixture and sole crop under varying seeding rates and cutting time of mixture are given in table 3.
The reduction in dry matter yield due to the application of leaching fractions was expected, since it is a typical response of plants to saline stress, resulting from the decrease in soil osmotic potential and the toxic effects of the accumulation of [Na.sup.+] and [Cl.sup.+], which promote physiological disorders in the plant.
Dry matter yield (tha-1) of Chloris gayana and Panicum coloratum mixed with Melilotus alba and Medicago sativa at various seed rate proportions at Haramaya University of eastern Ethiopia
Earle DF, McGowan AA (1979) Evaluation and calibration of an automatic rising plate meter for estimating dry matter yield of pasture.
``It was encouraging to see that dry matter yield was not ranked highly and that farmers are concentrating on energy yields in variety selection,'' said Advanta Seeds' Tim Richmond.
Combined analysis of variance of whole-plant, leaf and stem dry matter yield (DMY), N concentration, and digestible dry matter (DDM), for all years and sampling dates, for soybean cultivars at El Reno, OK.
Effects of cutting frequency and nitrogen fertilization on dry matter yield of Reed Canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) in uncultivated rice paddy.
Dry matter yield,###0.11d###1.18c###3.72b###6.52a###0.1###
Growth parameters assessed on 6 tagged plants per treatment per plot were height, girth, number of leaves and braches, leaf area and dry matter yield. Calyx physical characteristics taken were numbers and weight of calyx per plant, mean calyx length, weight and diameter.
The intention of this study was to evaluate the effect of soil salinity stress on dry matter yield and oxalate content in pot-grown napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum Schumach).
Averaged across these locations, the forage dry matter yield of Verl (7890 kg [ha.sup.-1]) was 11% greater than that of 'Pete' eastern gamagrass (P < 0.05).