DRYADetroit Regional Yacht-Racing Association
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5 billion Ayanak copper mining project, in Logar province and won a bid to explore oil in the Amu Drya Basin, in the country's north, while the Indians are investing heavily in the Hajigak iron ore mining, in northwest of Kabul.
Nursery operates on 20 acres of aHigh and Drya irrigated property w/ electric irrigation system pulling from pond, metal storage building & office trailer.
if one is in the business of hypothetical history, it seems more unlikely than likely that the poetry of Hala should be taken to constitute any kind of evidence for Vedic continuity--the meters are wholly different (the more so, if the drya can, as is usually suggested, be referred to popular and non-sanskritic origins) and the commonplace (or everyday) content of the poems distinguishes them both from Veda and from later kavya.