DSGEDynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium
DSGEDépartement des Sciences et Gestion de l'Environnement (French: Department of Science and Environmental Management; Belgium)
DSGEDayananda Sagar Global Education (India)
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The most popular model currently employed by central banks and economists is DSGE (dynamic stochastic general equilibrium).
First, the VAR and DSGE models recover very similar estimates of the low-frequency component of the natural rate, as shown in figure 1.
In this paper, we studied how the role of FIs' net worth differs from that of the net worth of nonfinancial firms in macroeconomic dynamics, using a DSGE model.
By the early 2000s, DSGE models had developed to the point where they showed comparable forecasting performance to time series models (such as vector-autoregressive models) and were theoretically rich enough to be used for detailed policy analysis.
DSGE significa "equilibrio general dinamico estocastico".
As a consequence, and critical to understanding models such as DSGE, there is never any conflict between the immediate consumption value of an item and its resale price.
In a Bayesian DSGE estimation approach, a prior distribution needs to be specified for the model parameters.
DSGE models are also used to estimate fiscal multipliers.
Keeping in view the strengths of DSGE models and difficulties in their utilization in policy analysis, IMF economists Berg, Karam and Laxton (2006A and B) customized a standard DSGE model for monetary policy analysis.
The DSGE models, which had become increasingly influential in central banks over the 10 or 15 years leading up to the crisis, did not alert policymakers to the problem.