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DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSLAMDsl Access Multiplexer
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M2 EQUITYBITES-October 30, 2017-Tunisie Telecom deploys ADTRAN remote-powered DSLAMs
* Openreach, telecommunications notification for installation of dark green DSLAM cabinet (conservation area), Kirklees College, Birkdale Road, Dewsbury.
The 8950 Ethernet Extender DSLAM Concentrator can be purchased at www.EthernetExtender.com.
Once at the office, the SIP, generated by the DSLAM or the active NID, is routed to a packet gateway interface and converted back to TDM for processing by the Class 5 switch.
All of Aware's UDMT module product lines can be software-configured to emulate both DSL access multiplexers (DSLAMs) and customer premises equipment (CPEs) across a broad range of DSL technologies, including ADSL, ADSL2+, legacy VDSL1/1.5 and VDSL2.
By further offering designers the flexibility to specify the type and number of ports, the LTP provides a scalable architecture upon which any DSLAM can be built.
"UTStarcom's AN-2000 IP DSLAM has served as a solid foundation for our multiservice broadband network, providing us with the flexibility to scale our network to meet the demands of our subscribers' ever-growing need for more bandwidth at faster speeds," said Andrea Podda, chief technical officer at Tiscali Italy.
"UTStarcom's IP DSLAM solution will enable BSNL to offer new broadband-based triple play services, such as high-speed Internet access, interactive gaming and multimedia entertainment services like video on demand, that increase subscriber revenues and speed the operator's return on investment."
Designed for Direct Subscriber Line Asynchronous Multiplexing (DSLAM), the J0C Series adds value to Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), LAN on Motherboard, hubs, switches, Network Interface Cards (NICs), remote Device Terminals (DTs) and remote servers.
The first attempts at Ethernet delivery using more than one circuit included Multilink Frame Relay and MLPP, by far the most popular has been Inverse Multiplex ATM (IMA) bonding ATM circuits out of a standard DSLAM. The problem with all these solutions is that they are overlaying Ethernet on top of the more expensive architecture that Ethernet is designed to replace.
Worldwide DSLAM equipment revenue jumped 21% to $613 million between 4Q02 and 1Q03, and DSL CPE revenue hit $540 million, up 20% from 4Q02, according to Infonetics Research's Broadband Hardware: DSL and Broadband Hardware: Cable quarterly worldwide market share and forecast reports.