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dSPACEDigital Signal Processing and Control Engineering
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The DSpace open source digital asset management system: Challenges and opportunities.
Algunas de las tecnologias y herramientas libres mas utilizadas que permiten la implementacion de estos repositorios son: el DSPACE, E-prints, LUCENE, Protocolo OAI-PMH, etc.
Modern development tools such as those produced by dSPACE, allow the graphically developed algorithms to be converted into useable C code automatically.
El software que utilizan es DSpace, un programa de codigo abierto disenado por el Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) y los laboratorios de HP para gestionar repositorios, facilitando su deposito, organizandolos en comunidades, asignandoles metadatos y permitiendo su difusion a recolectores.
Para el diseno y la simulacion de los algoritmos de control y de observacion, el BPMI dispone de un computador con el software Matlab-simulink [C] MathWorks [R]; y para el alojamiento y ejecucion de los algoritmos de control, se dispone de un controlador embebido en tiempo real compatible con matlab-simulink DS1104 [C] Dspace [R] [8].
XooNIps utilizes the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) [11], [12] to support interoperability with other XooNIps platforms, and with other digital repositories such as DSpace and EPrints servers [13], [14].
The ECU can be exercised so as to see how it works (in one dSpace lab, for example, there was a setup with a display screen, steering wheel, and set of pedals; the technician could "drive" the vehicle on the screen and determine whether the stability control system was working as planned; there were racks for vehicle dynamics, engine, and transmission simulation, each networked with a high-speed optical link and signal bus to each other and to a central control unit).
* DSPACE (www.dspace.org) is a joint collaboration between MIT libraries and Hewlett-Packard.
A yearlong study of faculty members at the University of Rochester has revealed some of the reasons why current IR systems are more useful in theory than in practice and has resulted in modifications to the University of Rochester's implementation of the DSpace code to better align the repository with the existing work practices of faculty.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most venerated American institutes of higher learning, made its own foray into the search market with DSpace, a joint project with Hewlett-Packard that was first launched in 2002.
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