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DWLD-Link Wireless Lan
DWLDeadweight Loss (microneconomics)
DWLDrilling with Liner (energy)
DWLDisingenuous White Liberal
DWLDoppler Wind Lidar
DWLDying with Laughter
DWLDivided Word-Line
DWLDoctor Williams's Library (London, England, UK)
DWLDual-Wield (World of Warcraft gaming)
DWLDon't Write Letters! (Steven Den Beste blog)
DWLDerived Working Level
DWLDownward Looking
DWLDatum Waterline (watercraft design)
DWLDouble White Line
DWLDefense within Limits (insurance)
DWLDesigner's Waterline
DWLDetector-Window Length
DWLDesigned Load Waterline (engineering)
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He will also be able to dual-wield light sabers and enter into a force overload mode called Force Fury-and astbility which amplifies all subsequent attacks.
You can dual-wield weapons and decapitate enemies with headshots, or if you like take the optional stealth routes.
Now for some gameplay details: Players will be able to dual-wield weapons in "Dark Souls 2," permitting you to rend considerable amounts of death and destruction on your foes.
Players will be able to dual-wield many of the weapons in "Wolfenstein: The New Order" and much of the terrain is deformable.
In the gameplay preview, Computer And Video Games reveals that "Wolfenstein The New Order" players will be traversing through a dark world that looks akin to "Chronicles of Riddick." Players will have access to impressive weapons and be able to dual-wield machine guns, shotguns and much more.
Salvador (Gunzerker class): A diminutive, rage-filled character whose "Gunzerker" ability boosts his stats for a bit while allowing him the ability to dual-wield any two weapons in his inventory make for a formidable ally.
There's also much more support for dual-wielded weapons.
Dual-wielded weapons are more robustly supported now too, increasing your options when taking on foes.
His ludicrous arsenal includes quadbarrel shotguns and explosive crossbow bolts, which can be dual-wielded. The enemy is numerous and boss fights epic.
Full-frontal attack is a blast, especially when you combine dual-wielded assault rifles with a well-placed grenade.