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DPCData Protection Commissioner (various locations)
DPCDivision of Primary Care (Charleston, WV)
DPCDéveloppement Professionnel Continu (French: Continuing Professional Development)
DPCDimm (Dual In-line Memory Module) per Channel
DPCDirection du Patrimoine Culturel (French: Department of Cultural Heritage; various nations)
DPCDemande de Prise en Charge (French: Request for Taking Charge)
DPCDepartmental Promotion Committe (India)
DPCDiplôme de Premier Cycle (French: Undergraduate Degree)
DPCDesarrollo Profesional Continuo (Spanish: Continuing Professional Development)
DPCDépannage Plomberie Chauffage (French: Plumbing Heating Repairs)
DPCDouble Paper Covered (wires)
DPCDepartment of Premier and Cabinet (Victoria, Australia)
DPCDeputy Police Commissioner (various locations)
DPCDiagnostic Products Corporation (various locations)
DPCDigital Preservation Coalition (UK)
DPCDynamic Performance Control (vehicle control system)
DPCDeferred Procedure Calls (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0)
DPCDistrict Planning Commission (various locations)
DPCDamp Proof Course
DPCDutch Power Cows
DPCDisplay Position Counter
DPCDynamic Performance Control
DPCDeferred Procedure Call
DPCDigital Preservation Coalition
DPCData Processing Center
DPCDigital Photo Camera
DPCDigital Pc
DPCDrop Counter
DPCDigital Photo Collection
DPCDigital Personal Communicator
DPCData Path Controller
DPCDiscrete Port Card
DPCDirect Parallel Connection
DPCDesktop Pc
DPCDeployed Printer Connections
DPCDevelopment and Planning Commission (various locations)
DPCDebt per Capita
DPCDublin Port Company (Ireland)
DPCDirective Produits de Construction (French: Construction Products Directive; product regulation compliance)
DPCDecatur Presbyterian Church (Decatur, GA)
DPCDriftless Pony Club (band)
DPCDowntown Presbyterian Church (Tennessee)
DPCDebt Previously Contracted
DPCDestination Point Code
DPCDense Port Concentrator (Juniper Networks, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA)
DPCDacotah Paper Co. (Fargo, ND)
DPCDomestic Policy Council
DPCDiphenylcarbonate (polycarbonate)
DPCData Processing Corporation (San Diego, CA)
DPCDécision Performance Conseil (French: Council Decision Performance)
DPCDog Park Committee (various locations)
DPCDoctor of Pastoral Counciling (various locations)
DPCDigital Pitch Control
DPCDenis Papin Collectivités (French: Denis Papin Communities)
DPCDemocratic Platform Committee (politics)
DPCDabhol Power Company (India)
DPCDamage Prevention Council
DPCDue Process Clause
DPCDirty Paper Coding
DPCDevelopment Policy Committee (various locations)
DPCDistributeur de Plats Chauds (French food company)
DPCDewan Pimpinan Cabang
DPCDatabase Promotion Center (Japan)
DPCDeployment Processing Command (US DoD)
DPCDubbo Presbyterian Church (Australia)
DPCDigital Production Console (various companies)
DPCDrug Policy Commission (UK)
DPCDirect Program Control
DPCDynamic Power Control
DPCDefense Planning Committee (NATO)
DPCDansk Polarcenter (Danish: Danish Polar Center)
DPCDefense Plants Corporation (US Navy)
DPCDuodeno-Pancreatectomie (French: Pancreaticoduodenectomy; surgery)
DPCDays Post Conception
DPCDiscovery Planning Conference (law)
DPCDijon Parkour Crew (France)
DPCDistributed Power Control
DPCDisability Policy Collaboration (advocacy)
DPCDependency-Oriented Psychological Control (psychology)
DPCDireito Processual Civil (Portuguese: Civil Procedural Law; Brazil)
DPCDelayed Primary Closure (surgery)
DPCDaVita Patient Citizens
DPCDeployment Processing Center
DPCDifferential Phase Contrast
DPCDocumentation Production Center
DPCData Processing Conseil (French logistics company)
DPCDigital Project Coordinator (various companies)
DPCDisplaced Persons Commission
DPCDelivery Point Code
DPCDirect Product Cost (finance)
DPCDreux Poker Club (France)
DPCDelayed Procedure Call
DPCDigital Patch Cable
DPCDots per Centimeter (digital photography)
DPCDelfosse Plomberie Chauffage (French: Delfosse Plumbing Heating)
DPCDocument Processing Center
DPCDigital Picture Chip (computing)
DPCDiagnostic Procedure Combination (Japanese variant of the Diagnosis-Related Group concept)
DPCDepartment of Physical Chemistry
DPCDistrict Programme Coordinator (India)
DPCDeleted in Pancreatic Carcinoma
DPCDepartment of Preservation and Conservation (Cornell University Library)
DPCDiocesan Pastoral Center
DPCDiscrete Particle Counter
DPCData Product Code
DPCData Processing Computer
DPCDefective Pixel Correction
DPCDigital Personal Communicator (cellular phone)
DPCDesign Partnership of Cambridge (Cambridge, MA)
DPCdisruptive pattern camouflage
DPCDigital Printer Copier
DPCDelayed Payment Charge
DPCDirect Power Converter
DPCDistal Palmar Crease
DPCDouble Parity Check
DPCData Packet Controller
DPCDouble Posture Coil (mattress spring system)
DPCDirectives Points of Contact
DPCDefense Procurement Circular/Council
DPCData Processing Chief (US Navy)
DPCData Processing Center/Central
DPCDigital to Probability Converter
DPCDamage Protection Concept (Cantonment, FL)
DPCDouble Precision Computation
DPCDuplex Controller
DPCChief Data Processing Technician (Naval Rating)
DPCDigital Portable Communications
DPCDifferential Pulse Coding
DPCDouai Poker Club (France)
DPCDemand Processing Center
DPCDirección de la Protection Civile (Civil Protection Agency, Haiti)
DPCDisk Power Cabinet
DPCDiamond's Poker Cup (France)
DPCDual Power Converters
DPCDirect Point of Contact
DPCDirector for Public Communication
DPCDefinable Principal Congruence (mathematics)
DPCDigne Poker Club (France)
DPCDamage per Casttime (online gaming)
DPCDeer Park Crew (online photography club)
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In Palko, Cardozo used the term in the context of "selective incorporation" of certain rights enumerated in the provisions of the Bill of Rights through the Due Process Clause.
Oregon telegraphs its disdain for the limits placed on its ability to tax out-of-state income by the Commerce Clause and Due Process Clause by its rank dismissal of the distortion principle established by this Court in Hans Rees' Sons, Inc.
In the same vein, Robert Bork insists that the Due Process Clause "is simply a requirement that the substance of any law be applied to a person through fair procedures by any tribunal hearing a case [and] says nothing whatever about what the substance of the law must be.
The Due Process Clause makes it clear that the king is below the law, and its breadth and clarity render it among the most sweeping limitations ever placed on the power of government.
7) Indeed, in almost every case since Mathews, the Court has interpreted the Due Process Clause to require uniform procedural rules even for plaintiffs whose situations were extreme or unusual in tangible ways.
Thus, construing the limitations that the Due Process Clause imposes on
Other late-nineteenthcentury opinions strongly suggested that the Due Process Clause protects certain fundamental liberties, including the right to contract.
Properly read, the Privileges or Immunities Clause places a huge limitation on what the states can do to citizens, even if it does not extend to all persons, both citizens and aliens, who are protected by the Due Process Clause.
24) Although "[t]he Seventh Circuit described the rationale of those cases as 'defunct' and recognized that they did not consider the question whether the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause incorporates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms," (25) the court nonetheless felt obligated to follow the Supreme Court precedent and affirmed the judgment of the district court.