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DUGGDown Under Guys Gear (Australia)
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Moran of 110 Harrington Farms, the owner of the 8-year-old poodle that was viciously attacked and killed by Dugg in September, said she is very surprised by the court ruling.
O'Connor said he takes Dugg to dog training every Saturday.
The trial, which is the owners' second appeal of selectmen's order that Dugg be euthanized, was continued at the end of the day to 2 p.
That hardly defines Dugg as a nuisance by reason of a vicious disposition, in accordance with state statute chapter 140 bla bla bla.
This situation gives the board great alarm as the board made the very difficult decision to have Dugg euthanized because of concern that other animals and persons would be at great risk should Dugg attack once again," she said in the memo.
Lisa O'Connor said town officials knew Dugg has been back at her home since shortly after Thanksgiving.
He said his appeal is based on Dugg not being a nuisance by reason of a vicious disposition, as required by the state statute.
14 to have Dugg, a 3-year-old pit bull, euthanized after a savage, unprovoked attack Sept.
14 unanimously voted to have Dugg, a 3-year-old pit bull, euthanized after an unprovoked attack on Sept.
No one answered the door yesterday at 19 Knowlton Avenue, the home of Chris and Lisa O'Connor, who own Dugg.
Moran, of 110 Harrington Farms Way, was walking her 8-year-old poodle, Beau, to meet a friend when Lisa and Christopher O'Connor's two dogs, including a pit bull named Dugg, ran out of their yard and attacked the poodle, allegedly unprovoked.
Moran was walking Beau on a leash Wednesday afternoon when the 3-year-old pit bull, named Dugg, escaped through an unlatched gate at its owners' yard at 19 Knowlton Ave.