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DASODomestic Abuse Services Oxford (formerly Women's Emergency Centre-Oxford; Canada)
DASODemocratic Alliance Student Organisation
DASODona Ana County Sheriff's Office (New Mexico)
DASODemonstration And Shakedown Operation
DASODepartment of the Army Special Order
DASODumping at Sea Ordinance (Hong Kong)
DASODynamic Adjustment of Serialization Order
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Thirteen of the convictions were under the Air Pollution Control Ordinance, one was under the Dumping at Sea Ordinance, seven were under the Noise Control Ordinance, 18 were under the Waste Disposal Ordinance, and three were under the Water Pollution Control Ordinance.
Supplementing the above Ordinance in enhancing a viable environment for fish culture, the Dumping at Sea Ordinance was enacted to control the disposal of substances and articles at sea and the dumping of substances and articles in the sea and under the seabed.
The most important pieces of legislation are the Water Pollution Control Ordinance (176) and the Dumping at Sea Ordinance.