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DMRTDuncan's Multiple Range Test
DMRTDiploma in Medical Radiography Technology (various schools)
DMRTDeployable Mission Rehearsal Trainer (defense)
DMRTDonegal Mountain Rescue Team (Ireland)
DMRTDundonnell Mountain Rescue Team (UK)
DMRTDepot Maintenance Review Team
DMRTDurham Medieval and Renaissance Texts (Durham University)
DMRTDepartment of Medical and Research Technology (University of Maryland School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD)
DMRTDerby Mountain Rescue Team (UK)
DMRTDate Material Required Transaction
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hombroniana shoot tips after five days on recovery medium Survival (%) 0 min 20 min 25 min 30 min +LN 0 12.50 (c) 20.83 (cb) 4.17 (c) -LN 91.67 (a) 79.17 (a) 83.33 (a) 87.50 (a) Means with the same letter are not significantly different at P [less than or equal to] 0.05 as determined by Duncan's Multiple Range Test. TABLE 2 Efficiency of stepwise PVS2 exposure on survival of G.
(3) Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different according to the Duncan's multiple range test (p [less than or equal to] 0.05) for the comparison among rootstocks.
**P<0.01 vs Control; ##P<0.01 and #P<0.05 vs IRI (ANOVA, followed by Duncan's multiple range test).
Treatment values with different letters for the same mechanical test are significantly different (p [less than or equal to] 0.05) following Duncan's Multiple Range Test analysis.
Samples with different letters are significantly different at p < 0.05 according to Duncan's multiple range test.
Treatments/parameters Dietary chitosan levels T1 (0%) T2 (1%) T3 (2%) Initial carapace width, (mm) 2.68 2.68 2.68 Initial carapace length, (mm) 2.46 2.46 2.46 final carapace width, (mm) 12.73 (b) 13.52 (a) 13.63 (a) final carapace length, (mm) 12.12 (b) 13.34 (a) 13.46 (a) Frequency in molting (times) 5.25 (c) 5.75 (ab) 6 (a) Treatments/parameters Dietary chitosan levels T4 (3%) T5 (4%) Initial carapace width, (mm) 2.68 2.68 Initial carapace length, (mm) 2.46 2.46 final carapace width, (mm) 13.24 (ab) 13.14 * final carapace length, (mm) 13.06 (a) 12.97 (a) Frequency in molting (times) 5.5 (bc) 5.5 (bc) Letter(s) within rows indicated least significant differences (LSD) of means of Duncan's Multiple Range Test (DMRT) at probability (p < 0.05).
Table 4: Homogenous groups of Duncan's multiple range tests. H [D.sub.)] Provenance Homogenous Provenance Homogenous number groups * number groups P.
For the multiple comparison of FIB in orthotropic grain orientations and at different RF1 levels, Duncan's multiple range test for variable was used with SPSS Statistics 17.0 software.
Difference between each group was assessed by ANOVA accompanied by Duncan's multiple range test (SPSS for windows, version 17), and p < 0.05 was regarded as significant.
After the isolation of a N effect, treatments were compared using a Duncan's multiple range test.
Values (means [+ or -] SE of three replicates) in each group of parameters with the same superscript did not significantly differ (p>0.05) based on Duncan's multiple range test. Table 2.