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DFDistrito Federal (Spanish: Federal District)
DFData Frame
DFDairy Free
DFDisk Free
DFDistrito Federal (Brazil)
DFDelta Force (Novalogic military combat game)
DFDrug Free
DFDwarf Fortress (video game)
DFDansk Folkeparti
DFDirection Finder
DFDegree of Freedom
DFLa Documentation Française (France)
DFDual Frequency
DFDon't Fragment
DFDead Fish
DFDirection Flag
DFDrinking Fountain (various companies)
DFDiesel Fuel
DFDisk Farm
DFDelay Fuse
DFDodd-Frank (finance law)
DFDragon Force (band)
DFDietary Fiber
DFDengue Fever
DFDarkfall (game)
DFDong Feng (Asia automobile manofacturer)
DFDouglas Fir
DFDistraction Free (web browser extension)
DFData Field
DFDead Frontier
DFDecision Feedback
DFDarkness Falls (Dark Age of Camelot online game)
DFDissipation Factor
DFDirt Farmer
DFDivine Forces (gaming; Runescape clan)
DFDark Forces (LucasArts game)
DFDefence Forces (Irish Army)
DFDerek Fisher (NBA Player)
DFDavid Farrell (composer)
DFDragonfable (online game)
DFDouble Feature
DFDestination Field
DFData Fusion
DFDilution Factor
DFDesign Feature
DFDigital Forensics
DFDobbs Ferry (New York)
DFDepth Finder
DFDown Forward (video game)
DFDisposal Facility
DFDiscount Factor
DFDean of the Faculty
DFDesign Flow
DFDemocratic Front (India)
DFDeep Forest (band)
DFDungeon Family (Collection of Bands)
DFDog Fight (air-to-air combat)
DFDuty Factor
DFDedicated File
DFDrilling Fluid
DFDioxins and Furans
DFDespair Faction (website)
DFDamage Free
DFDisposition Form
DFDistricto Federal
DFDarling Fiancee
DFDelivery Function
DFDark Future (role playing game)
DFDegree Fahrenheit
DFDermatofibroma (skin tumor)
DFDistribution Frame
DFDefender of the Faith
DFDeep Freezer (storage and preservation)
DFDeuterium Fluoride
DFDifference Frequency
DFDigital Fortress (book)
DFDefensive Fire
DFDistance Formula
DFDensity Factor
DFDecode and Forward
DFDistriktsidrottsförbund (Swedish Gymnastics Federation)
DFDevice Flag
DFDiamond Frame (bicycle)
DFDead Fantasy (anime)
DFDynaFlat (Samsung monitor)
DFDigital Fingerprint
DFDouble Flag
DFDeblocking Filter
DFDielectric Film
DFDecontamination Factor
DFDose Factor
DFDestroyer Flotilla
DFDevelopment Flight
DFData Formatter
DFDead Freight
DFDispersion Factor
DFDecimation Factor
DFDirect Fulfillment (contract manufacturer sends product directly to the customer)
DFDead Files
DFDelivery Facility (Canada Post)
DFDelay Fault
DFDuplex Filter
DFDark Falz (Phantasy Star Online boss, gaming)
DFDynamic Flux
DFDanske Folkedanseres (Denmark)
DFDie Famous
DFDark Friend
DFDynamo Field (automotive electronics)
DFDark Faction (video game)
DFDimensional Fact (data warehouse model)
DFDouble Feeder
DFDissociation Factor (chemistry)
DFThe Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (computer game)
DFDuelField (online game)
DFDelay Fuze
DFDemodulation Filter
DFDrainage Frequency
DFDhammakaya Foundation
DFDroopy Flange
DFDuck Farm, Inc.
DFDysfunctional Fighters (gaming clan)
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Burlinson estimates more than 300 fans will be there from the Dungeon family to cheer them on and is hoping to add to his fan base too.
Will's beats feel like they're from outer space, a Technicolor extension of his Atlanta forefathers in the Dungeon Family. DJ Mustard uses a Luger-like exoskeleton, filling it with dry drums and slowing it down to a singsong.
But when I introduced myself to the towering, hulking, Dungeon Family alum as an agent of The Mag, his countenance softened as he told me what a positive role skateboarding has had in his son's life.
THREE become one on Monday as Outkast, Goodie Mob and Organized Noize pool their resources in a new collective called Dungeon Family for an album called Even In Darkness.
DUNGEON FAMILY: Even In Darkness (Arista): Dungeon Family can best be described as a rap supergroup.
Da Connect, Dungeon Family 2nd Generation (848 Entertainment 2003) Before Future was Future, he was Meathead, one-fifth of Da Connect, the second generation Dungeon Family rap group formed by legendary songwriter/producer (and Future's first cousin) Rico Wade.
The dungeon family is now living in an exclusive area of the hospital where there are no other patients and the children can move freely.
Featuring the likes of Outkast, Goodie Mob and Organized Mob, the Dungeon Family are always creative and innovative, never boring.
Future's cousin is legendary Organized Noize member and Dungeon Family mastermind Rico Wade, largely responsible for the careers of Outkast and Goodie Mob.
THE dungeon family of Austria's House of Horrors wept yesterday as they met for the first time the brother and sisters who had been living above them just yards away.
Wu Tang Clan WW11, Nas Stillmatic, Meet The Dungeon Family 'Even In Darkness', No Doubt Rock Steady, BRMC Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
AS ONE THIRD of legendary production crew Organized Noize and a founding member of Atlanta's Dungeon Family collective, one could argue that Rico Wade has all but cemented his legacy in music.